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15 Aug 10 Guides to creating business cards
15 Aug How free business card offer is misleading
jreid4747 0 688
Some business card printing places online offer business cards for free. This offer is not only misleading to you but a waste of time and money because you are not getting the quality business card th..
15 Aug How can you tell the image resolution quality?
jreid4747 0 642
If you don't have access to professional graphic software to verify the file resolution you can use a computer monitor to quickly determine how the file will print. Pull up your file from your browser..
15 Aug Why-should-not-use-Photoshop-default-black-in-printing
jreid4747 0 630
You may not see the difference in a laser color based printing machine but in a professional larger offset printing press Photoshop's default rich black color may not get you the dark solid black colo..
15 Aug How to add foil and emboss for less
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Many things have changed in the business card printing last  10 years. More people are seeking to have nicer looking business image on the 3.5×2 format than ever. For less than $100 you can have very ..
15 Aug Why business card templates are not for every business
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Most online business card template backgrounds are too busy and looks unprofessional, in fact really difficult to use them. First, you will  find  many of the online designing places can not place the..
15 Aug Don't use Avery papers to print business cards.
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Don’t use Avery's business card template papers to print your business card unless this is your last option. Use as a temporary card, if any.Avery template's paper is just too thin for today's busines..
15 Aug Who has thte best print templates online
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Comes to template or Premade business card designs, has the best template card designs online. Each business card templates is designed by quality graphic designers who have a very good und..
15 Aug Why should stay away from the elongated logo design
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One of our requirement in designing the logo is to make sure the logo fits well with all mediums such as business cards, stationery, web, folder, brochure, and labels.Here are the rules we have set by..
15 Aug How to use backside of cards for your marketing
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A business card is much more than a simple contact card. Anyone looking to reach out to their potential customer with a business card should use the backside of the business card to advertise or promo..
15 Aug Half the cost of Moo's card with our 18pt cards
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Half the cost of Moo's card with our 18pt business card C1S. ..
15 Aug How to cut the business cards
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How to cut the business cards using the basic paper trimmer.Cards without the bleed. (10 up)Set your document layout as follow.Place your business card artwork  1/2" from the top and left of the paper..
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