Why should not use Photoshop default black in printing

You may not see the difference in a laser color-based printing machine but in a professional larger offset printing press Photoshop's default rich black color may not get you the dark solid black color you wished for. As a result, your file will print flat or muddy black color. 

Please check out Rich Real black color on Youtube.

Most print shops recommend the use of C=60, Y=40, M=40, K=100, or a similar black color value. Any other combination of CMYK color may not get the absolute true black color you are expecting every time in printing.

The default rich black color varies from application to application. Don't use these default color values if looking for the absolute pitch dark black color. 

  • Indesign: c-57, m-46, y-47, K-76
  • Photoshop:  c-75, m-68, Y-67, K-90
  • Illustrator: c-56,  m-47, y-47, K83

Be sure to change your process color setting to this value. C=60, Y=40, M=40, K=100 

On the smaller black text, set to the richer black value in the preference setting.

If the real black color is something you much have, be sure to consult with your printer about their black color preference.