Why should stay away from the elongated logo design

One of our requirements in designing the logo is to make sure the logo fits well with all mediums such as business cards, stationery, web, folder, brochure, and labels.

Here are the rules we have set to follow among ourselves. Be sure the master version of the logo stays within the following perimeter guidelines in creating the logo.

Stay away from the elongated logo design where the width of the logo is 3 to 4 times longer than the height of the logo. Graphically, you will run into the problem soon or later because all the pertinent information on the logo gets too small for anyone to recognize the letters in the logo. Try to stay at a 1:2 ratio of a logo where the width of the logo is twice the height.  More on vertical logo from Youtube.com

Here are some of the other important of creating the logo.

  1. Keep the logo width within a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio to the height of the logo.
  2. Select the color of the logo relatively standard because some colors are very difficult to match up at the print reproduction. Stay away from pastel colors on the logo.
  3. A  logo should not have more than 3 type fonts in the design. It will clutter the outlook of the logo and makes the less engaging for the viewers.
  4. A squared logo can also create a problem with the web layout. A squared logo fits best only at the center top of the web page.
  5. A logo should not be in more than two lines of text or no more than three lines. 
  6. Limit the logo colors to no more than three and keep the gradients away from the smaller text part of the logo. It will clog up the text and makes it difficult to read for the viewers. 
  7. Make sure the logo stays vividly clean and printable on the black and white version of the logo. If your logo does not work in the black-and-white version, then the logo likely will not work.