frustrated-moji-faceCreating your own business cards online can be a frustrating experience for many people.

There are plenty of business cards online sites where you can create your own business cards online (DIY) for a fraction of the cost. Every one of them claims they can get you the cards for under $10. Then the question comes next, is this business card good enough for my business? Is this card thick enough? Can I can place my own logo? Can I add my own graphic? What about my own photo image? Do I have time to mess with another business card designing interface that can’t seem to understand? How do I place my logo that I got from my web designer?

The answer is “Yes” you can do all of those things, but it’s “Not, that simple.” Here is why?

  • Background template. The most online custom business card design tool is dictated by a fancy background that leaves you with very little room to write on the card. They sold you with a background template that you somehow need to work around the design issues.
  • Logo. Just ask yourself, what is more, important to you, a logo of your business on the card, or the fancy background that dominates half the card. Do you want a very small logo on the card or a logo that properly represents your business brand you are trying to achieve? In many cases, just type in your business name on the card and call it a day. Is that how you want to present your business?
  • Add other Graphics or photo images. How can you place the photo image over the background image without having a white background of the photo image? In most cases, you can’t place another image over the background. You will need a graphic professional’s help who understands how these business cards' online designing tool works.
  • Card Thickness. Many business cards online sites offer 10pt 12pt papers. That’s far below today’s industry standard of 14pt or 16pt papers. Basically, you are getting low-grade paper printed from a digital printer which is considered low-quality printing by many print professionals. If you want the standard cards you need to pay extra along with the professional graphic designing fee.