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Suede business cards

Suede business cards

Suede business cards are the new king of all business cards today. Simply, they are superb in every way. These cards feel a similar hint of luxury and a smoother touch of elegance than the silk cards.

With Suede cards you can add all the special finishing options to enhance the look of the card. Each Suede card has its own finishing option capability limits.

The Suede business cards are available from 16pt to 48pt cards. 

Feel the difference with Suede Velvet Cards — soft to the touch, they bestow a hint of luxury to brands and create marketing pieces that stand out from the competition. Suede Cards are printed with high-quality equipment on 16pt card stock, then they are laminated on both sides with 1.5mil scuff-res..
Dusting Bling Spot UV business cards is a complete business card print solution that adds sparkling bling look on the designated business card print area.What is Suede business card?Add Dusting Bling Spot UV to ....How do you set up the file?Paper Selection: Available in 16 pt, 32pt  ..
In our view, the Premium Suede Business Cards are the next generation of Silk business cards. The colors are more vibrant, Spot UV stands out more and feels softer than the previous generation of cards. From the basis of 16 pt. Suede business card, you can enhance the business card further..
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