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Premium Branding Cards (PBC)

Premium Branding Cards (PBC)

Premium Branding Cards (PBC) is the best cards you will find anywhere in the world.  If you are serious about branding your product or services be sure to explore your business card design with these superb cards and print finish options. It will blow your mind what you can do with your card.

Yes, they are pricey but with the right card design, it's worth making the brand marketing statement with total confidence.

48pt Silk cards are the triple-decked 16pt cards with many finishing options..
32 pt Silk cards are the double stacked 16pt cards with many finishing options...
16pt Silk cards are the basis of Premium branding cards which allows creating amazing cards with many finishing options...
16pt Silk cards with foil are the basis of designing a high-quality branding business image. You can choose from 17 foil colors to add on the card...
The Spot UV (flat layer) on the silk card adds varnish clear visual effects on the designated card area creating the beautiful upscale impression to the card.If looking for a Domed Spot UV varnished cards, these cards are available at the Raised Spot UV cards in the related products below...
16pt Silk Metallic Ink cards are the basis of building an incredible looking Premium branding cards...
In our view, the Suede business cards are the next generation of Silk business cards. The colors are more vibrant, Spot UV stands out more and feels softer than the previous generation of cards...
This 45pt Cotton business card is 3 times thicker than our 16pt cards and twice as thick as the 130lb classic crest business cards.Silk business cards — with Dusting SpotUV  (16pt) PBC..
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Available in 12pt and 14pt paper.