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For Premium Branding cards

For Premium Branding cards

Now you can add special finishing options to enhance the look of the business card without the big print shop cost. You can apply foil, raised spot UV, flat spot UV, emboss, rounded corners, 58 Die-cut shapes, punch holes, custom shapes, sequential numbering, perforation, laser cuts, and more.

punched  tag or drilled on a business card are available with PremiumPlus cards (PPC)Available in 1/8" (~3mm) and 1/4" (~6mm) size.Punched cards are not available on Premium Branding cards PBC)Punched cards are available with Premium Standards cards as well. Please ask us...
Embossing the card creates domed effect over the designated area on the business card.This process will create a raised or three-dimensional logo or name on your business card. The surface of the paper is raised by pressing from the reverse side of the paper. Blind Press Embossing: This stamping tec..
16 Foil colors available..
Available in 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" radius..
Spot UV adds a glossy coating to the designated area on the card creating unique visual effects to the viewers.This Spot UV is available to most of Premium Branding Cards You can add the foil or emboss to card with the Spot UV..
You can apply one single line perforation on the business card..
You can create pitch Black color Inked business cards on any cards by applying 60/40/40/100 CMYK color formula. Then you can add colored edge finishing options to the card making a beautiful card.The colored edge cards are available in most of the Premium Branding Cards.You can achieve similar resul..
Turn your business cards into a marketing piece by adding sequential numbers to track your customer and their purchasing behavior.We cannot put numbers on the texturedPremium Standard Cards: Available in 14pt, 16pt, 18pt paperPremium Plus Cards: Not availablePremium Branding Cards: Availab..
With today's technology, you can custom shape the business cards to just about any shape your creativity desires. The laser cut-out cards use of laser technology to cut and burn away the area to form the desired card shape. Using the laser allows for more intricate and precise card design than eve..
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Available in 12pt and 14pt paper.