Embossed cards

Embossed cards

Embossed business cards are available with these PremiumPlus Cards (PPC) and Premium Branding Cards (PBC). Both Premium type of card offers superior quality at a low finishing option cost with tremendous flexibility in expressing the creativity.

Embossed the card creates a domed effect over the designated area on the card by pressing from the reverse side of the paper, thus, creates a raised graphical image on the business card top surface.

  • Blind Press Embossing: This stamping technique makes a domed effect without the color or foil on the card surface
  • Ink Embossing: This stamping technique makes a domed effect over the printed and foiled area on the card.
  • Embossing area: standard size — 1.5"x.75".  2"x1.5" is the maximum embossing area.

How to prepare the embossed business card artwork:
You need to create one additional file for the emboss masked area on the card. Here are the steps.

  1. Duplicate your business card file and name that file as "XYZ-mask.pdf."
  2. From the XYZ-mask.pdf file, delete or take out the card elements that are not part of the mask area.
  3. Now, take the remaining masked area on the card and change the color to black color 0/0/0/100, and then save the file.

What not to do when masking the embossed business card.

  • Don't work with flattened png or jpg files. For the best results use the layers.
  • Don't work with the RGB color palette. Must use the CMYK setting.
  • Don't mask the small text area. We recommend staying above 8pt letters.
  • Don't mask small detailed areas. It may get clogged up in the masked area.
  • Don't mask any of the gradient areas on the artwork, a fuzzy area on the card. Mask only the one solid colored area.
  • Don't mask the area too close to the edge of the card. It can create problems in production.
  • Don't just use any black color to mask the area. Use 0/0/0/100 black color only.
  • Don't move around the masked area to avoid registration issues.

Over 20 types of Embossed Business Card options available.

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Unique Business card paper selection

Aside from our standard 16 and 14pt paper, our show stopper cards are the silk or laminated cards, Suade Velvet cards, Various unique linen cards, Magnetic cards, Plastic cards, Akua Metallic cards, Brown Kraft cards, Perl Metallic cards, Cotton cards, Suade black cards, Gold Pearlescent Plastic Cards and more.

Business card Finishing Options

Our Finishing Option is available in various premium paper selection. Be sure to check us for the availability. You can add Rounded corner, add Raised ink cards, add Spot UV cards, add Foil cards, add Embossed cards, add Punched cards, add Perforated cards, add PMS Color specific matching cards, add Colored Edged cards, add Numbered cards, add 58 Die-cut cards, turn into Folderover marketing cards, and Custom shape the card with a laser.

Use of Business card Template

We don’t have business card templates of our own but we recommend the use of Canva.com‘s selection to create the card. Their business card template offers a modern-day graphic style and easy to use design interfaces.