Shaped cards

Shaped cards

Shaped business cards can help to brand your business in a unique way. We can custom cut your cards or choose from our 58 shapes of die cut shapes.  You will have fun time promoting your product or services.

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Circled shaped cards New

Circled shaped cards

This circled business card has the one-inch radius.  Be sure to match your artwork with our tem..


Leaf shaped cards New

Leaf shaped cards

This leaf business card has the half inch rounded corner at the top right side of the card and botto..


Mini shaped cards New

Mini shaped cards

This mini business card has the height of 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches. The regular card has the heigh..


Oval shaped cards

This oval shaped card has the height of two-inches and about 3.5 inches in width. Be sure to match y..


Square shaped cards (PSC) New

Square shaped cards (PSC)

Square shaped business cards are available in 2"x2" and 2.5"x2.5"..


Die-cut shaped cards (58 choices) — add on for (PPC)

Currently, die-cut shaped business cards are available in 58 shapes. Die-cut cards are available to ..


Laser cut-out cards —PPC

The laser cut-out cards are available on a PremiumPlus paper — 17 PT NOUVEAU PAPER. This paper is si..


Custom Die-cut cards —PPC

This price is a predetermined price. Please call us for the accurate quote for your artwork...