14 pt prisma white business cards

14 pt prisma white business cards
14 pt prisma white business cards

This matte coated stock had a rough textured surface. It allows for excellent color reproduction.

  • Standard Spot UV :  Now you can make the Silk business cards similar to a thermographic card with raised letters. By adding Raised Spot UV to the Silk cards will bring out the eccentricity of the logo in a different perspective.
  • Raised Spot UV : The Raised spot UV business card is a complete business card print solution that adds clear raised bump on the designated business card print area creating the doomed effect on the card surface.

Adding Foil to the card can attract massive interests surrounding your business  like no other add-on techniques can provide.  We offer 12 foil colors.  Recommend to keep the foiled area under 2 sq.in. on the business card.

Available Finishing Options
Rounded CornersAdding the Rounded corner to the business card can further engage your potential customer into a real customer. You can choose from the corner radius of 1/8" (about 3 mm) and 1/4" (about 6 mm).
Die-Cut /Laser Cut | PPCDie cut business cards are available in standard die-cut, laser cut, and intricate precision detailed die-cut. Be sure to consult the intricacy of the die-cut with our design team.
Spot ColorWith Spot UV add-on technique, can high lighten the focused area by glimmering the area. The standard Spot UV simply adds the clear coat to the designated area. The Raised spot UV adds the elevated clear coat to the area.
FoilThe metallic color foil add-on enhances the business card in a way that no other techniques can provide. We offer 12 foil colors. Best to keep the foiled area under 2 sq.in. A larger foiled area subject to higher cost.
EmbossingEmbossing the business card can be positioned front, middle, and the back side of the card. Best keep the embossed area under 2 sq.in.
DebossingDebossing the business card can be positioned front, middle, and the back side of the card. Best keep the embossed area under 2 sq.in.
PMS ColorsWe recommend no more than 2 PMS color match on the business card.
Colored EdgesNot Available
Variable dataNot Available
Punch HoleAvailable in 1/8" and ~1/4" drill bit size

Available Options

  1. Check. Color Mode. All files must be in CMYK color mode. No exception. If the file contains RGB colors you may get unexpected color shift print results.
  2. Check. Document print size 3.625"x2.125". The actual business size is 3.5"x2". 
  3. Check. Missing or corrupted font type. Outline all the text to graphics to overcome the possible type/font incompatibility and text flow issues.
  4. Check. Acceptable file type. We prefer .pdf files, however, we do accept .ai, .psd .eps .jpeg, or .jpg .tiff file types.
  5. Check. Meet safe zone requirements. Be sure to position all the text and essential graphics 1/16" away from the edge of the paper so does not cut off at the cutting stage.
  6. Check. Set with bleed. Make sure all the images are extended out to the edge of the bleed perimeter.
  7. Check. Acceptable file resolution. We recommend a 300 dpi resolution file and the use of vector graphic image files wherever possible to get smoother text and exact visual positioning where required.
  8. Check. Quick print quality test. Make sure all the file elements are positioned properly and as intended.
  9. Check. Image pixelation test. At 300-400% zoom-in the image should not be blurry
  10. Check. Color shift Be cautious with specific colors. ie. Reflex Blue, Pink, Rich black, and Turquoise

    • Printing Time: Our Standard print production takes about 2-5 working days. Whenever add finishing options to the business card takes 1-2 days on each item. 
    • Delivery Time: The standard shipping takes 3-4 days. It's FREE. 
    • PSC (Premium Standard Card): Generally available online. Minimal finishing options
    • PSC (Premium Plus Card): Offers more unique papers and finishing options
    • PSC (Premium Branding Card): More emphasis on the branding of the business with more finishing options
    • Add-on Spot UV file can be challenging to setup properly. We highly recommend help from a graphic designer.
    • The Spot UV business card requires additional file in black ink. (0/0/0/100). Always save the file as CMYK color mode.

    Business Card Print Finish Options

    Our Finish Option is available in various premium paper selection. Be sure to check us for the availability. You can add Rounded corner, add Raised ink cards, add Spot UV cards, add Foil cards, add Embossed cards, add Punched cards, add Perforated cards, add PMS Color specific matching cards, add Colored Edged cards, add Numbered cards, add 58 Die-cut cards, turn into Fold Over marketing cards, and Custom shape the card with a laser.

    Unique Business card paper selection

    Aside from our standard 16 and 14pt paper, our show stopper cards are the silk or laminated cards, Suede Velvet cards, Various unique linen cards, Magnetic cards, Plastic cards, Akua Metallic cards, Brown Kraft cards, Perl Metallic cards, Cotton cards, Suede black cards, Gold Pearlescent Plastic Cards and more.