For Premium Branding cards

For Premium Branding cards

Now you can add specialty finishes to enhance the look of the card without the big print shop cost. Most of the Finishing Option service starts at a quantity of 250.

You can apply 16 types of foil colors, 24 Edged colors, Press Embossing and Blind Embossing, Add on up to 3 PMS color matches,  3 Round Corner sizes, Raised SpotUV on both sides of the card, Custom Die-cut and laser cuts and Variable data digit up to 6 digits.

  • Foiled cards applies to most of the Premium matte finish papers
  • Variable data applies to uncoated papers only.

These card finish options apply to our Premium Branding cards.

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Punched Tag Cards — add on

Punched tag cards are available with PremiumPlus cards (PPC)Available in 1/8" (~3mm) and 1/4" (~6mm)..


Black color Inked cards — PBC New

Black color Inked cards — PBC

You can create pitch Black color Inked business cards on any cards by applying 60/40/40/100 CMYK col..


Embossed— add on PBC

Embossing the card creates domed effect over the designated area on the business card.This process w..


Perforation— add on PBC

You can apply one single line perforation on the business card..


PMS Color Match — add on PBC

You can have up to three PMS color matches. Each color adds the cost of $69.Before asking us to matc..


Spot UV— add on PBC

Spot UV adds a glossy coating to the designated area on the card creating unique visual effects to t..


Variable Data / Sequential Numbering — add on PBC

Turn your business cards into a marketing piece by adding sequential numbers to track your customer ..


Laser Cut— add on PBC New

Laser Cut— add on PBC

With today's technology, you can custom shape the business cards to just about any shape your creati..


Unique Business card paper selection

Aside from our standard 16 and 14pt paper, our show stopper cards are the silk or laminated cards, Suade Velvet cards, Various unique linen cards, Magnetic cards, Plastic cards, Akua Metallic cards, Brown Kraft cards, Perl Metallic cards, Cotton cards, Suade black cards, Gold Pearlescent Plastic Cards and more.

Business card Finishing Options

Our Finishing Option is available in various premium paper selection. Be sure to check us for the availability. You can add Rounded corner, add Raised ink cards, add Spot UV cards, add Foil cards, add Embossed cards, add Punched cards, add Perforated cards, add PMS Color specific matching cards, add Colored Edged cards, add Numbered cards, add 58 Die-cut cards, turn into Folderover marketing cards, and Custom shape the card with a laser.

Use of Business card Template

We don’t have business card templates of our own but we recommend the use of Canva.com‘s selection to create the card. Their business card template offers a modern-day graphic style and easy to use design interfaces.