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Spot UV on CS cards 16pt (PSC)

Spot UV on CS cards 16pt (PSC)
Spot UV on CS cards 16pt (PSC)

Our CS card is printed on none other than thick 16pt paper. By adding spot UV to the CS cards, you can create very interesting effects on the cards for a very low price.

  • Add the Spot UV as the small background patterns
  • Spot UV the logo or the main graphic elements
  • Use as a place where you can write on the card
  • For the better quality card, we recommend Spot UV on Silk Cards from the PSC selection.

Available Options

Business card Finishing Options

Our Finishing Option is available in various premium paper selection. Be sure to check us for the availability. You can add Rounded corner, add Raised ink cards, add Spot UV cards, add Foil cards, add Embossed cards, add Punched cards, add Perforated cards, add PMS Color specific matching cards, add Colored Edged cards, add Numbered cards, add 58 Die-cut cards, turn into Folderover marketing cards, and Custom shape the card with a laser.

Unique Business card paper selection

Aside from our standard 16 and 14pt paper, our show stopper cards are the silk or laminated cards, Suede Velvet cards, Various unique linen cards, Magnetic cards, Plastic cards, Akua Metallic cards, Brown Kraft cards, Perl Metallic cards, Cotton cards, Suede black cards, Gold Pearlescent Plastic Cards and more.