Raised Ink — add on

Raised Ink — add on

How to make the Raised ink file ready

  1. Save your file name as myfilename-front.pdf and myfilename-back.pdf
  2. Duplicate your myfilename-front.pdf and rename the file name as myfilename-mask.pdf. You can do the same for the back side masking.
  3. Open up the myfilename-mask.pdf and select the area you would like to be raised on the card.
  4. Change the selected area colors to a black color. The color value best at (0/0/0/100). Then get rid of all other elements in the file leaving with just the black area. You are done.
  5. Send us all 3 files; front, back and mask file.

We can set up the Raised ink file for you at no cost.

Raised ink is achieved through a traditional printing process known as thermography. Raised ink is similar to Spot UV however raised ink unlike Spot UV is raised. The raised ink itself is clear and sits on top of the designated printed area. Raised ink does not affect the backside of the card (unlike embossing which affects both sides). Raised ink is great for adding texture / gloss / interest to your card.

Raised Ink is available to the following type of cards:

Nouveau • Linen • Silk • Tant • Scotland • Aquarelle • Popset

Unlike the Spot UV, you can not bleed off the raised ink to the edge of the card. Your raised ink area must be contained within the card area or 1/8" away from the edge of the card.

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