A business card is much more than a simple contact card. Anyone looking to reach out to their potential customer with a business card should use the backside of the business card to advertise or promote the business.

A business card has a similar ad space of 1/4 page ad space on the full-size magazine. When you add upfront and backside area of a business card you get a total of 14 sq. in. On a 1/4 page magazine you have about 15 sq. in. ad space and costs about $375 per issue.

With business card marketing you can add the following items to advertise your services and products without the big cost.

You may consider our 3.5"x2" folder business card. This business card has total of 28 square inch space of mini brochure space allowing you to present your product or service in a compact space. 

  • QR codes
  • List of services
  • Image of products
  • Numbering
  • Catchy tagline
  • Social sharing logo and links
  • Local map
  • Promotions
  • Discounts