Don't use Avery papers to print business cards

Don’t use Avery's business card template papers to print your business card unless this is your last option. Use as a temporary card, if any.

  • Avery's template paper is just too thin for today's business card
  • You can not apply too much ink to the paper. Avoid adding the background color.
  • You can not print to the edge of the paper.
  • A box of Avery business cards is about $20 and then the ink cost can add up to an additional $20
  • If you have never designed a business card before using the Avery template can be a challenging process for some.
  • Advise not to print the backside of the card. This paper is very thin and it will saturate the paper with ink.
  • Avery's business card comes in 80 lb card stock paper. Today's business cards are normally printed on 120-130 lb card stock papers.
  • Check out what others say about Avery's business card

Please visit these websites for template papers.