Black Paper cards 14pt with Colored Printing — PPC

Black Paper cards 14pt with Colored Printing — PPC
Available Finishing Options
Rounded CornersAvailable
Laser CuttingAvailable
Punch the holeAvailable
  • Prepare the card size to: 3.65" x 2.07" or 92mm x 52mm
  • Final size after being cut: 3.55" x 1.97" or  90mm x 50mm
  • Save the file as a PDF file. This is our preferred method.
  • You can send the file as jpg, PNG, Tiff
  • We preferred to have 300 dpi resolution file for the best print quality possible.
  • PremiumPlus Cards are classfied as — Extra Thick
  • Print Duration: Most PPC card prints are completed within 2-4 day period. However, some of the finishing options determines the completion time. For an example, a foil with edged color cards could add couple days by itself after printing the cards.
  • Faster Printing Services: Not available
  • Shipping Duration:  Standard FedEX 2-3 days

With Black paper cards, you can print full CMYK process color over the card. In addition, you can apply white ink to reverse out the black text to white text.

White ink on the Black color paper: Use the same masking technique as the spot UV and Raised Ink. Put the white colored area of the card on the third masked file and then make them all in black color (CMYK value — 0/0/0/100)

You should have 2 or 3 files to submit to us:       front side file  |   back side file  |   white color masked file.


  1. Make the white letters larger than 12pt directly over the black paper. Be cautious about choosing the type of letters and sizes.
  2. Avoid using any font styles that are EXTRA BOLD, Thin or Condensed. It can clog up the letters and give unexpected results.
  3. All colors will print darker than printing on the white paper. In some instances, you may need to adjust your color value.
  4. Avoid any kind of small pinhole in the card design if all possible. Likely, the white ink will clog up the area.
  5. This Black paper cards work bests with solid colors. Minimize the gradient colors in the card design. It can deliver unexpected results when printed directly on the black paper. For instances, 30% red color may look as 60% red and 30% blue color may look as 70% blue.
  6. If you must apply the gradient colors, first mask the white ink underneath the area.

We can help you with the set up at no cost to you, Let us review your file.

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