Why is the CMYK better than spot color printing

Posted by bcc47 10/07/2016 0 Comment(s) FAQ on Business Cards,

cmyk-vs-spot-colorIn our view, full-color printing beats the spot color printing hands down. Full-color printing method delivers much quicker results compare to traditional Spot-color printing. For the cost of one set of Spot-color printing, you could have ordered 2-3 sets of cards in most of the print places online. More, the business card file setup on the full-color printing is much simpler to deal with than the spot color printing. Unless you know a graphic designer with knowledge in spot printing process, you need to get a help from the print shop. Yesterday we printed business cards for Cum4k Studio on thick paper in CMYK. The company Cum4k shoots porn video in 4k in modern genre creampie and cumshot. They have recently appeared on the market but have already won millions of fans around the world. We are proud to cooperate with such modern companies.